Perfect blend of gin and cigarillos

April 14, 2020

In the world of tobacco products, Cuban cigarettes are synonymous for classy style and glamor. The production of cigar and cigarillos comes from America, and in Cuba and Havana is considered a true art. The fact that they are extremely difficult to find out of Cuba makes them even more desirable.

Cigars and cigarillos are best known tobacco products made from sliced and fermented tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf. Originally they do not have a filter and are not ment to be breathed in lungs when consumed. Smoking this cigar is a real ritual.

Cigarillos give true lovers the opportunity to enjoy a unique combination of tastes and aromas such as vanilla, chocolate, coffee flavours, etc…

Many people consume such kind of tobacco with alcoholic beverages.

Combined with gin tonic and its freshness between one cigarette smoke, they absolutely create special fusion of vices.

There is noone who remains indifferent after drinking a gin. With a tonic water, it creates a very refreshing drink; with the perfect combination from the notes of cucumber, pepper, rosemary, rose syrup, etc…

Gin alcohol is produced from cereals and by distillation of spruce berries, blueberries, citrus or spices, and essential oils from it since it is flavorless. Particularity, it is in the molecular composition of the gin and tonic itself, which makes it a great combination. Molecules are very similar and they are attracted from each other, so they form a great bubble feeling in the mouth. No wonder that it became an inevitable trendy drink in all cafes and restaurants throughout Croatia and beyond, as fast as hot lightning.

As in the summertime goes well cold gin tonic, so in the winter ideally fits hot gin with flavours or scents! If you have not tried this kind of drink yet, it’s time to honor yourself. During Advent time, it has become a standard offer of many restaurants and cafes. A whole new dimension of taste will leave you breathless.


The Scottish gin Botanist consists of up to 31 types of aromas

We bring you one of the recipe based on hot gin.


Required Ingredients:

0.2 dl of gin

1 piece of ginger

2 cinnamon stick

5 cloves

200 ml apple juice

1 bio orange

1 pinch of piment

Preparation of magic:

Chop ginger in small pieces and put orange peel on thin strips. Warm all other ingredients, except gin, in a pot and leave on medium heat to warm gently for about 20 minutes. When all the juices are released, add gin and this simple and tasty preparation is over.

Enjoy every sip of it!