InterAdria SC has a service center with years of experience in servicing boats and inboard and outboard marine engines. Service works are specialized for boats of renowned brand Sessa Marine and 2BAR. Interadria service center is authorized for the installation and reparation of the entire range of Yamaha and Volvo Penta engines.

It is located in Kastav, Ćikovići 73 C, just 5 km from the center of Rijeka and 3 km from the center of Opatija. The service shop is equipped with modern and high quality working tools. Professional staff ensures the safety and reliability of all the executed works. Service center offers reparation services, cleaning and polishing, conservation, installation of all sorts of additional boat equipment as well as transportation of boats. InterAdria Service Center has an indoor area of about 700 square meters in which they are located workshops, storehouse, offices and wand an open space of approximately 3000 square meters for boat accommodation.




We provide maintenance services in accordance with all the standards proposed by manufacturer. We also make general engine repairs with complete diagnostics as well as installation of spare parts.

Our boat maintenance services include:
  • Regular maintenance which includes conservation and deconservation of engine, coating, painting and cleaning, replacement and reparation of worn-out  parts, maintenance of electronic and navigation equipment.
  • Investment maintenance such as installation of new parts and work on quality improvement for increasing the value of boat and equipment.
  • Special maintenance related to special requests by boat owner.


InterAdria SC is among few companies certified by Croatian Registry of Shipping for the repair of boats and yachts made of fiber with thermoactive resin. The Certificate confirms efforts of the company and its professional approach in the segment of maintenance and repair of the boat hull, but also requires high specialisation level of the employees.

Fiberglass boat hull repair and maintenance service include:

  • Skilled employees will cope with the most complex damages on the gelcoat, remove or redefine it, and perform finishing until they achieve completely shiny surface. Employees approach the polishing process on individual basis, depending of the nature of damage.
  • Gelcoat repairs and polishing of a boat 
  • Prevention of osmosis
  • Antifouling


Due to increasing interest of the clients who intend to buy a boat and the clients who are in the middle of the registration process, InterAdria SC decided to introduce the technical inspection of boats and consulting services.
The technical inspection of boats consists of the hull, engines, equipment and devices control with the aim to detect their condition, to confirm if the boat is appropriately maintained, to see if it is adequately used and to check if there are some modifications that could have significant impact to the general condition, characteristics and safety of the boat.
The test results show the general condition of the boat, possible malfunctions and need for repair. After the general evaluation of a boat, the fair market value can be estimated.
The general technical inspection is a reliable indicator of the condition of the boat and it should be done not only for the purposes of buying or registration, but also during in commission period, so that the owner can always be sure.
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Service center provides technical assistance 24 / 7 on any location. Mobile service is at complete disposal to owners of Sessa Marine boats and 2BAR inflatables along the entire Croatian coast. If the defect cannot be solved on-site, InterAdria Staff may transport the boat to InterAdria Service Center and after the problem is being fixed, the boat will be delivered to the client on desired location. Clients can pay service on delivery location. By Technical assistance and transportation services InterAdria completes the offer with the the aim of providing complete, fast and reliable service to its clients.


InterAdria transports independently new and used boats in Croatia and abroad and offers the assistance in acquiring necessary documentation.

Interadria transportation fleet consists of delivery vehicles, vans, trailers and boats for assistance on the sea.


Nautical shop is located in Interadria Service Center, in Kastav.

From the rich assortment, we can emphasize Yamaha marine acessories with a Yamaha outboard engines.These four stroke engines, leading in the class, have a number of advantages that include: easy control, reduction of exhaust emission and economical consumption. For these engines we offer Yamaha oils as required, such as Yamalube 4-stroke engine oils and gear oils. You can also find very popular and practical Yamaha rubber boats for stable and comfortable sailing that are also used as tenders for larger vessels.

There is water sports equipment as well: scooters, water skis, banana and other tube, rescue vests etc.

As per fishing equipment we should mention rods, rolls, nylon, hook, lead and various tricks.

From the other things here you can find equipment to anchor; anchor winch,fenders, mooring ropes, life vests, signal lamps, electrical ship equipment and cosmetics.



Sales office is located in the Interadria Service Center, in Kastav, Ćikovići 73 c. In addition to selling new Sessa Marine boats and 2BAR inflatables, we also offer used boats, as well as range of new Yamaha outboard engines. We also provide a series of related services: brokerage, imports, exports, insurance and registration of boats. Our employees approach their work with great enthusiasm and commitment aiming at satisfying any possible desire customers might have.



Authorized service and dealer of inboard and outboard engines:

Sale, service and maintenance of Yamaha engines

Authorized service and dealer of Yamaha outboard engines, spare parts and accessories

Sale, service and maintenance of VOLVO PENTA engines

Authorized service and dealer of VOLVO PENTA outboard engines, spare parts and accessories




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