Key Largo One 


This wonderful story begins with a partnership between Sessa Marine International and InterAdria SC, back in 2004. Since then, there has been a wonderful partnership that has evolved into friendship, and we have achieved their full trust. As the greatest evidence, this was the work that was done on the production of Key Largo One vessels.

After the agreement with Sessa Marine International, we received all the necessary certifications and confirmations viz approval and possibility to start production of Key Largo One vessels. InterAdria SC has the complete permission to distribute the Key Largo One for the world market!

All of this was sealed off by our visit to the Croatian Ship Registry, which confirmed that InterAdria as a manufacturer, in accordance with the Ship Classification Rules, has granted a Certificate of Approval to the manufacturer.

Approval area:

  • Production of sports and leisure boats made of glass reinforced polyester with manual lamination technology
  • Repair of boats and yachts made of glass reinforced polyester


Diploma from Rijeka Boat Fair 2017.

for the Key Largo one

Zagreb Boat Show 2018.

Key Largo One Yamaha F 100 FETL

Last year we had the honor of testing the Key Largo One with the Yamaha F 100 hp engine and got amazing results. The buoyancy of this small boat is incredible, with a maximum speed of 35 knots and an economical fuel consumption.

You can look closely at the results of the test in the attached image.

Inspector’s visit by the Croatian Register of Shipping
for the performance of the incline test

Test drive with executive editor

of the magazine Burza nautike

Manufacturing location

  Example of boat delivery

  Take a peek at the production process

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