SUP- complete dominance in water sports

April 21, 2020

Stand Up Paddling, known as SUP, or boating on the board in the last two years in Croatia is experiencing popularity in the category of water sports. Originally from Hawaii, it arrived on our coast because of practicality, easy driving and its recreation aspect that perfectly combines the useful with the pleasurable.

There are several types of SUP’s, and it is important to know the rules of purchase so that it does not become a nightmare. It is important to choose the proper volume and type of board for your physical fit and purpose. Not all boards are the same: you can choose Allround models, Touring models, Surf models, Fun-Race models, the Pro Race models or Kids models. Allround pads are recommended as a model that suits beginners and more active athletes, creating therefor a path midway between those two.

By using the SUP-board and the paddle itself, we activate all the body muscles, ensuring the movement in a healthy environment. Some may also decide to step up, using the board as a base for exercising yoga or pilates, which sounds very interesting but difficult. Riding through the clear sea and enjoying the natural beauties, is very calming to the person who uses it.

Boat owners are extremely enthusiastic about the inflatable SUP-boards, because they are easy to store. The SUP-board is very practical because of easy handling and convenience, and sailors can approach the shore or lonley beaches in any situation, or use it as a board for transferring personal things from the boat to the shore.