Weather forecast

May 13, 2020

Ever since ancient times, people have been studying nature hoping to better predict the weather because their everyday life depended on it. Thus people have learned to read the signs that nature provides and such signs have been used still today.

Combining technology, science, and folk customs we get the signs of approaching weather for a given location:

  • Signs of worsening weather:
  • dropping atmospheric pressure
  • extremely high tides
  • absence of the summer Maestral wind if the Maestral stops blowing before time
  • pale moon and the ring around it predict the changes in weather
  • a red sky or rainbow early in the morning announces rain
  • winter Maestral wind often signals the Jugo wind and rain
  • strong wind in the morning with clear skies
  •  a Bura wind shift to E and clear skies, and especially to the SE direction
  • a grey cloud wall in the west, especially in the evening (usually on the E side of the horizon is not significant for the development of weather)
  • if the Sun is pale yellow before sunset
  • a ring around the Sun and the Moon and a humid wind blowing are the signs of worsening weather
  • constant low pressure during bad weather means such weather is expected to continue



  • Signs of improving weather:
  • a gradual increase in pressure (especially above 1012 hPa)
  • the appearance of the brightness of the cloudy sky on the W part of the horizon

  • typically, a wind after rain tends to bring fine weather
  • the appearance of redness, after the sunset, in cloudy sky


  • Signs of a continuation of fine weather:
  • the Maestral wind during the day, and the Burin wind at sunrise (and night)
  • extremely low tide or if the tide changes occur regularly during the day
  • if the skies and the sunset are clear and if after the sunset the western horizon is in beautiful colors (“sky redness”)
  • if the high pressure does not change or if it increases
  • clear skies and silence (with some clouds)
  • while the Bura wind is blowing there is no worsening of weather