Lions Club Lovran visited Interadria SC

March 25, 2019

This weekend, Interadria welcomed, with great enthusiasm, Lions Club Lovran members in an informative tour of Key Largo One production and exhibition salon in Kastav. Director Klaudio Brnečić is also a member of this humanitarian community. They use their time, skills and resources to collect funds and donate them both in their environment and internationally.

A real spring, sunny day in Interadria, created for socializing and expanding knowledge about production components but also across the nautical sector. After seeing the Key Largo production and the showroom, with some new knowledge, the time has come for a little relaxation, good food and drinks at the Loža restaurant. And so we rounded up this wonderful day with another beautiful humanitarian gesture and gathering.

In the picture gallery below you will see all good moments from the event!

Lions Club Lovran in Interadria