Key Largo One- test!

March 9, 2018

Key Largo One- test drive!

Yesterday’s day was filled with excitement and positive energy because of the visit of the inspector by the Croatian Register of Shipping to perform the test of incline.

Considering the inspector’s long-standing experience, Key Largo One has passed the test without any problems and only with positive reviews.

Thereafter, a test drive with the executive editor of the journal Burze nautike followed. The vessel was taken from various angles on the embroidery and driving position, and again gained praise about whom you can read, but also about other details of the test in the next issue of the jurnal Burza nautike.

After the tests we exhibit the boat in the Ćikovići (Kastav) store where you can take a look and buy a vessel.



For all information about the model:


sales manager
gsm: +385 (0)91 215 44 86

Inspector – Croatian Register of Shipping

Magazine- Burza nautike