July 20, 2018

Upcoming event- Cannes Boat Show 2018

Dear customers, we are delighted to announce the exact time of the Cannes Boat Show 2018 and the new Sessa Marine models who will be exhibited for the first time in the world! From September 11th to September 16th, there will be many novelties and what everyone is most interested in is the world premiere of the Sessa Marine C68 and C54 models! It will be the exclusive premiere of new models that we will have a chance to look at more closely. Besides these new models, Key Largo 34, C 38 and C 44 will be also exhibited which already, as this year’s models, provide a lot of pleasure to our customers.

It is not called in vain the FESTIVAL DE LA PLAISANCE, which in the translation means a festival of pleasure. It is a fair that has a lot of new models, luxury, classy style and it is a real pity not to visit it!

We are looking forward to your arrival!