Product Description

Quiet, reliable and practical, Yamaha EF1000iS is designed for all who are looking for portable source of electrical energy. Combines compact dimensions with impressive maximum operating time of up to 12 hours *. Ideal for camping and outdoor events, the EF1000iS can be used to power a whole range of electrical appliances – from radio and TV to coffee makers. Also, there is a 12V output battery charging current. Pulse modulating inverter system contributes to high quality and “clean” electricity. Sound absorbing materials guarantee these work. The combination of a simple control panel, this is a really cool and convenient source of energy. * For ¼ nominal load with “Economy Control” on.


The easiest in the class
Compact design
High quality electricity
Quiet operation
12h operation (with nominal load with Economy Control)
4-Tactile Aggregate of 50 cc Cooled Air

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